The Samford Wellness Garden is an oasis of sustainability and interprofessional community for 桑佛德大学. 亲爱的克拉拉, 澳门皇冠app官网健康厨房的主管, 去年我收到了一笔园艺补助金,从那以后它就一直茁壮成长.
桑佛德大学 Cumberland School of Law’s Externship Program provides opportunities for students to gain experience in the legal world and apply their classroom knowledge. 在2023年秋季学期, Cumberland students had the opportunity to experience firsthand the important and humbling task of helping incarcerated individuals be granted parole through a partnership with Alabama-based nonprofit, 救赎了.
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Samford’s Center for Sports Analytics Named a Top 10 Team for Data and Analytics by International OnCon Awards
OnCon, 世界顶级管理人员的著名全球峰会, awards individuals and teams for their exceptional contributions in business thought leadership. The recipients of these awards are determined through close scrutiny and evaluation by both the business community and organizational experts, resulting in the acknowledgment of some of the most remarkable talents and teams on a global scale.
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为了纪念印第安人传统月, 桑佛德大学's Howard College of Arts and Sciences 部门 of Geography and Sociology and Biblical and Religious Studies and the Office of 学生的成功 and 多样性 present "Mark Charles: My Journey to Follow Jesus as a Navajo Man,“星期一”, 11月. 13、下午5点.m. 在哈利咖啡馆.
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Howard College of Arts and Sciences Department of Geography and Sociology students' hard work paid off at the Mid-South Sociological Conference in New Orleans on 10月. 12-14. 社会学大四学生艾比·海史密斯排名第一, 大三学生霍兰德·安德鲁斯在本科生科研竞赛中获得第二名.
桑佛德大学 dedicated the new Buck Brock Commons in honor of Harry “Buck” Brock III on the morning of 10月ober 31, 2023. 因为布洛克多年来一直忠实地为澳门皇冠app官网担任受托人和管理人, 这个空间的命名是为了感谢他的服务.
桑佛德大学 is ranked #10 of all colleges and universities in the United States for the quality of career preparation provided to its students according to a new ranking published in The Wall Street Journal.
年轻的作者在Trace crossing
教育在Trace crossing小学举办青年作家会议
奥尔林比森教育学院多年来一直举办青年作家大会, 通常会邀请当地的学校到澳门皇冠app官网的校园来参加一天的文学魔法活动, 鼓励年轻学生培养阅读和写作技能. 但是今年, the School of Education brought the magic to the students with a visit to Trace Crossings Elementary School.
More students are seeking out the services of 桑佛德大学’s Office of 可访问性 and 住宿. 这是Alyssa Snyder说的, 办公室的助理主任, 谁是众多即将结束校园残疾意识月活动的人之一.
Cumberland School of Law has announced two new live client clinics for students to expand their legal knowledge and gain experience in specific areas of law. The Cooney Contracts and 风险管理 Clinic and the Cumberland Parole Clinic will provide opportunities for students to immerse themselves in the legal profession through a hands-on approach.
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桑佛德大学 Brock School of Business student McNeil Honea has been selected as one of three winners of the 2023 Carl Menger Essay Contest and invited to attend the Southern Economic Association (SEA) meetings, 11月. 18-20. Honea是第一个被选为这次作文比赛获胜者的澳门皇冠app官网学生.
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桑佛德大学 Hosts Former Fox 新闻 Commentator and Popular Syndicated Columnist Cal Thomas
11月星期四. 9、下午6点.m. 在哈利咖啡馆, award-winning journalist Cal Thomas will be the guest speaker for a Howard College of Arts and Sciences Colloquium on American Citizenship Lecture.
Innovative Methods for Understanding: How Samford Students Gain Practical Skills and Perspective
10月. 24, 来自澳门皇冠赌场平台弥迦研究员项目的学生, School of Public 健康 and Orlean Beeson School of Education came together to engage in a unique instructional exercise known as a poverty simulation.
史蒂夫·福布斯, 福布斯杂志主席兼主编, presented his talk "A Model for Leadership" for a Howard College of Arts and Sciences Colloquium on American Citizenship lecture on Tuesday, 10月. 解析:选A。. 汉密尔顿里德教堂.
Cumberland School of Law National Negotiation Team Finishes as Runner-Up in E-sports Negotiation Competition
桑佛德大学 Cumberland School of Law’s National Negotiation Team competed in the Villanova Law E-sports Negotiation Competition, 10月. 20-21, 2023. Two Cumberland School of Law teams were represented in the competition where one finished as the runner-up.
Pharmacy Students Administer Over 6,000 Vaccines to the 社区 During Experiential Course
十月的一个星期, 桑佛德大学 McWhorter School of Pharmacy third-year students completed their PHAR 530 Focused Patient Care Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE). 学生们在社区药房工作, 注射疫苗, 咨询的患者, 进行药物治疗服务并与导师互动. 结果是, 74名学生共管理6个,向伯明翰社区成员提供014种疫苗. 这相当于平均每个学生接种81次疫苗. The vaccines included prevention for COVID-19, influenza, pneumococcal, zoster and other diseases.
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丹宁出版新书, 让人民拥有武器:最高法院与宪法第二修正案
布兰农P. 丹宁, 澳门皇冠赌场平台坎伯兰法学院的斯塔恩斯法学教授, 出版了他的新书, 让人民拥有武器:最高法院与宪法第二修正案.
澳门皇冠app官网创业公司:Camco 媒体
卡梅伦Hellgeth, 高级管理专业, is the owner of Camco 媒体 and an affiliate in the Samford Startup student business incubator program.
CULLOWHEE N.C. ——澳门皇冠app官网排球队在最后三局比赛中以3比2(25比18)获胜, 22-25, 20-25, 25-23, 周六晚上在拉姆齐中心以15比12战胜西卡罗莱纳.
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阿拉巴马州的伯明翰. – The 桑佛德大学 soccer team will take on the top-seeded Western Carolina Catamounts in the championship game of the Southern Conference Tournament Sunday at 1 p.m. (CT)在卡特蒙体育中心.
田纳西州约翰逊市. 澳门皇冠app官网排球队赢得了一场艰苦的比赛, 3-2 (25-18, 21-25, 25-27, 25-23, 周五晚上在布鲁克斯体育馆以19-17击败ETSU.
阿拉巴马州的伯明翰. -开启常规赛结束后的四场客场之旅, the Samford volleyball team heads to ETSU and Western Carolina for a pair of Southern Conference contests.
阿拉巴马州的伯明翰. 一大群人来到SoHo广场参加霍姆伍德篮球季前赛的首届活动, 由澳门皇冠app官网男子和女子篮球项目于周三晚上主办.
阿拉巴马州的伯明翰. – Single-game tickets for both the Samford men's and women's basketball seasons officially went on sale Wednesday morning, and the athletics department announced its game-day promotions schedule for both teams as well.