As an alternative to borrowing, Samford provides interest-free payment plan options for all eligible students enrolled in fall, 春季和夏季学期. If you do not enroll in a payment plan during the enrollment period, your term balance will be due in full at the beginning of the term. Because plans may be updated between terms, please be sure to review plan details before enrolling each term.

All plans are subject to the 付款计划详情 下面.
Fall 2023: Five-payment Plan
初始安装 20%
4 Subsequent Installments 20%
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注册关闭 2023年8月5日
Fall 2023: Four-payment Plan
初始安装 25%
3 Subsequent Installments 25%
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注册关闭 2023年8月28日
Spring 2024: Four-payment Plan
初始安装 25%
3 Subsequent Installments 25%
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注册关闭 2024年1月16日
Summer 2024: Three-payment Plan
初始安装 30%
2 Subsequent Installments 35%
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  • You must not have any outstanding or past due balances from prior terms.
  • Failure to complete a prior term payment plan will prevent you from enrolling in subsequent plans.
  • Late payments will jeopardize your enrollment in both current and future payment plans.
  • We recommend students be completely registered with room and board charges (if applicable) in place before enrolling in a plan, and also have all 金融援助 paperwork and processing completed.


  • All current term charges are eligible for inclusion in the plan.
  • Prior balances cannot be included in the plan.


  • Enrollment for a plan must be completed during the enrollment period; late enrollment is not available.
  • The initial installment and a non-refundable $100 enrollment fee are due immediately at the time of enrollment.
  • Enrollment in subsequent plans is not automatic. Payment plan enrollment must be completed before each term.
  • Subsequent payments are due on the fifth day of each month regardless of weekends and holidays.
  • Installments are based on assessed eligible charges and student 金融援助 at the time of enrollment.
  • Changes in 金融援助, tuition, fees, meal plans, housing, etc., will result in plan adjustments.
  • A $150 late fee will be assessed for any past due installment balance above $250.
  • Online payment options include e-check (ACH) or credit card; a 2.85% service fee is charged for debit and credit cards.


We are unable to allow a 529 payment to serve as your down payment. You may use 529 funds to pay all or part of your balance by requesting a check with your student's name and ID number to be mailed to Samford, but if you wish to enroll in a payment plan, you must enroll online and pay the first installment, including the non-refundable enrollment fee, at the time of enrollment. Any 529 payments received before you enroll in the plan will pay down your overall balance, resulting in lower installments. Any 529 payments received after you enroll in a plan will pay down the next installment due.

If you have questions regarding payment plans or anything else related to student accounts, 金融援助, 退伍军人福利, 和学生证, please contact the 澳门皇冠app官网一站 at or 205-726-2905.